How to have the WhatsApp in the computer

Forget to you to install platforms as BlueStacks, emulators of Android or applications for navigators.
You do not need to install absolutely nothing to see your Whatsapp in the screen of the computer.
The process cannot be simpler; you only must enter web.whatsapp.com/and read with your mobile code QR that you will see in the Web. Immediately, and as by magic art, the Web changes to the screen of our Whatsapp.

The great advantage of this system: you can keep in your computer any image or video that has sent you by the mobile, or can send to messages enclosing any thing which you have kept in your computer, or simply to accede to the Whatsapp of a different form and to use the keyboard of your computer.
An authentic wonder for which they want to use this service of mail of a different and very comfortable way.