Design of webpages and positioning SEO in Seville

A Web especially thought to position in the finders,
combining the design with the strategy SEO and to a competitive price

Design Web Responsive

A Web adapted to all the devices, perfectly visible in all the screens, including mobiles and tablets. We use designs of WordPress mainly, customized to your needs.

Search engine optimization

We apply to all the strategy SEO (Optimization Search Engine) to obtain that your Web appears in the first positions of Google with the key words of your sector.

Connection with social networks

We create your profiles in social networks and we connected them with the Web. And if you wish it, we can manage your pages of Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. Our objective is to give the maximum diffusion to your Web.

Why to choose to us?



Competitive prices

Positioning and visibility

Advising SEO including in the price

What is MiratuWeb in 1 minute


We are in center of Seville…

… but we worked online for any point of Spain, and every day take care of by email or telephone of the week (of Monday to Sunday).

How to create a webpage

We explained to you which are the essential steps to construct your Web:

  • Purchase of the domain and lodging (in case of not having it). We advised to you on which they are the companies more adapted your Web and how to contract with a company of hosting.
  • Study of the key words that we will emphasize throughout all the site, thinking from the home about the positioning.
  • To decide on the sections that will take to the Web, that is to say, the menu and the structure of the site.
  • Election of the design, between thousands of groups of WordPress; we helped you to choose the one that better adapts to the idea which you have in mind.
  • Configuration of the group to our taste, modifying colors, fonts, graphs, etc.
  • Previous work with all the images that the wished size will take to the Web, giving them and optimizing them to win in speed of load.
  • Model-making of the different sections, fitting text and images according to our preferences.
  • Internal labelling of all the site, with the key words related to our sector.
  • Optimization of the Web to win in rapidity and to improve the experience of the user.
  • To connect the Web with the social networks, and creation of the profiles if the client needs it, in addition to advising in the handling of these profiles.
  • Configuration of the site in Google Search Console.
  • Implantation of the statistics of Google Analytics.
  • To locate the company in Google Maps, in case of not existing; we were in charge of that management.
  • To insert the mechanism of warning of the Law of Cookies.

Not only design, also positioning…

Design of webpages in Seville, with positioning SEO in GoogleThere are many Webs with an overwhelming appearance, with very attractive graphs and effects that draw attention. But the Web does not appear in the listing of Google when we looked for his key words, the work of design of little serves to obtain a good traffic of visitors. The design also loses value when a Web is not optimized correctly and its speed of load is slow; every time the percentage of users is greater who leave a page when they see that they are losing several seconds in sailing by her. And in addition, to the robot of Google it does not like the slow sites, penalizing the Web with a slope in the ranking of their finder.
In Miratuweb we consider the design, but still more the positioning SEO so that a Web secures a great visibility. For many companies, sometimes most important of a Web it is what it is not seen: compression of codes, optimization of images, internal labelling, etc. is needed much “nonvisible” work to be “very visible”. That is our objective: a combination of design and strategy SEO to reach the best results.

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