Things you have to know about bichectomy

Although, having profiled cheeks are achieved for two reasons: one is genetic and be endowed with perfect genes and another is a Bichectomy, techniques to achieve highlighting the cheekbones and a more profiled face, but What is Bichectomy? Before doing this kind of operation you have to put your priorities in order, if there is something more urgent at the moment, like you need dental implants Tijuana.

It is a minimally invasive aesthetic technique, in which bichat bags are extracted, or in more common words the fat that accumulate on the cheeks and consists of making two small cuts of one centimeter inside the mouth, one of each side, at the height of the intermediate part between the molars, from where the bags of fat are extracted, with the aim of profiling the facial oval with permanent results, since the eliminated fat does not reproduce again.

The duration of the operation is less than one hour, it is done under local anesthesia and you can immediately resume the routine of the day, you should only follow a soft diet for a week and wait for the face to deflate to see the results, it is a well defined and profiled face.

For those who are interested in performing a bichectomy, the specialist shares with the readers 5 data so they know more about the procedure.

1. What exactly is bichectomy?

It is an aesthetic procedure to reduce the excess of fat in the cheeks that normally accumulates in a part of the body known as the Bichat fat ball. This ball is located under the cheekbones, it gives support and structure to the face, and depending on its size can give a round face appearance with ill-defined angles or more elongated and stylized.

2. How is the procedure performed?

Saavedra explains that it is an outpatient procedure. It is done under local anesthesia and the access is through the mucosa of the cheek. A small incision is made, less than one centimeter, and the Bichat balls are removed.
The procedure can last 30 to 40 minutes.

3. Fit people

All people who have completed their stage of development can access the treatment. The specialist ensures that before the intervention, basic laboratory tests should be requested to rule out active infections, diabetes and chronic diseases that may affect the procedure.
In the same way, the patient must have good coagulation times and this procedure must be done by a healthy person.

4. Unfit people

We did not perform the procedure in young people who did not complete their development process. From 17 and 18 years.

5. Elderly people

In patients with cutaneous flaccidness in the cheeks it is necessary to evaluate if a face lift is necessary, a facial rejuvenation procedure that allows to recover the firmness and cutaneous tone of the face and neck, complementary to the bichectomy to avoid greater flaccidity in the area .
After the evaluation of each area of ??the face, filling can be done with the fat cells that the stem cells provide and which are very useful for the maintenance of facial rejuvenation.

Questions you should ask before an surgical

Among the medical procedures that most instill fear or anxiety are operations. Beyond if they are aesthetic or for health reasons, a surgery is a topic that should always be informed before and after it is carried out. Always the most qualified person to answer your questions will be Dr. JL Prado Surgical Center in Tijuana the doctor who are you going to operate you.

Surgery is part of medicine and aims to cure diseases through interventions or operations.

Do you prefer to stay with the doubt?

Here five questions you should ask before any surgery:

1. What is the recommended operation? Your doctor should clearly explain the surgical procedure, the steps to follow and provide illustrative examples.

2. Why is the procedure necessary? The reasons for having surgery can vary from alleviating or preventing pain to diagnosing a problem, to even improving the body’s function.

3. What are my alternatives to this procedure? In some cases, drug or non-surgical treatments, such as making lifestyle changes, can be as helpful in improving a condition as surgery is.

4. What are the risks and possible complications when performing the operation? Surgery always involves some risks, so before the intervention it is important to weigh the benefits against the risks. Ask your doctor to give you a general idea of possible complications such as infection and bleeding, and possible side effects that may occur after the procedure.

5. What happens if you do not operate? If after weighing the benefits and risks of the surgery, you decide not to operate, what will happen? You need to know if the condition will get worse or if there is a possibility that you can solve it on its own.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure it is necessary that you have full communication with your doctor. Remember, the best thing in these cases is to be always informed.

Combo of cosmetic surgeries, a risk that can be deadly

The death of a North American patient in Cali, which took place last Thursday, while performing several aesthetic interventions simultaneously, highlighted the high risk to life that these multiple procedures represent.

For its part, the Health Secretariat of Cali reported that there are already three people who have died this year under similar circumstances. “In the same surgical act, people keep insisting on performing three or even four procedures at the same time. In two of the cases are women who come from abroad. That is to say, they come with the limitations of time.

The doctor added that to the extent that the patient is exposed to anesthesia the risk of complications and death is greater. “It is a subject that concerns the clinic and the personnel that operates but also the patient because it can reduce the risks by not submitting to these multiple procedures in the same act.

Three would have been the procedures to which the last deceased woman submitted: a mammoplasty, liposuction and a correction of figure. After five hours in the operating room the risks are evident and can cause thrombi, respiratory problems and hypothermia, putting at risk different organs and even the life of the patient. patient.

Technological advances and the expertise of plastic surgeons, coupled with the desire of patients to perform all in one procedure, a single recovery and a single trip (for those who come from abroad), has boosted the rise of these surgeries.

He assured that today, 80 percent of the interventions that are carried out have more than two procedures. “Exceeding a time limit in the operating room becomes a threat to the success of surgery on the patient,” he said.

In anesthesia and surgery, four hours in the operating room mean some risks, but from four to five hours these risks increase. “In future, that is to say more than five hours, the possibilities of complications grow exponentially.

The potential risks come from the patient’s stillness for a long time in surgery. The circulation is slow and tends to cause serious problems, such as thrombo-embolism.
He added that there are substances in the body that rise due to surgical stress and end up producing metabolic acid. This causes circulatory problems, with risk of disorders in the coagulation. Hypothermia and cardiac arrhythmias.

Pulmonary thromboembolism (blood clot in the lung), fat embolism and hemorrhage are the main causes of death due to cosmetic surgery in Cali.

Cardiac arrhythmia, embolism by biopolymers, acute myocardial infarction and soft tissue infection remain on the list of deadly causes.

This research revealed that 32% of people underwent at least three aesthetic procedures, followed by 30% who underwent surgery and 26% two surgeries.

Also, within the cases of mortality, 56% surgeries were performed by qualified professionals. However, it was also detected that general practitioners, beauticians and dermatologists are also part of the list of people who practice plastic surgeries.


In view of this situation, the Government of Valle raised an application to the Ministry of Health to prohibit more than two surgical procedures in a single anesthetic time.

Before having an aesthetic surgery, verify that it is in an accredited center and that your doctor, preferably, a verified doctor of cosmetic surgery in Tijuana Mexico. Keep in mind that in cosmetic surgeries such as mammoplasties and liposculptures there is a lot of blood loss.

A comprehensive Guide on Dental Implant

Dental implants have emerged as a solution to each of the tooth woes posed by root canals as they usually wind up resulting in the cut down of good adjacent tooth. In addition, the removable dentures might usually prove to be unstable therefore needing the usage of adhesives. These days, we are going to be mainly understanding about tooth implants on the whole.

Tooth Implants: Getting to find out about the basics of theirs

A dental implant is utilized to change a missing tooth. It refers to the metal root of the teeth. Prior to changing missing tooth with a prosthetic one, the dental professional of yours is going to determine whether at all you’ve plenty of bone assistance needed by an artificial teeth. The dentists employ a really refined surgical treatment to put the implant to be able to guarantee make certain that the entire body of yours doesn’t refuse the implant. The implant will be moving through the gum tissue— it’ll be either sewed over or perhaps near the implant & be left for a number of weeks so that the implant could heal in the blend as well as the bone is strong adequate to maintain the prosthetic tooth of position.

Just how can you figure out whether you’re a good prospect for Tijuana dental implants or perhaps not?

In general, nearly all almost all of the individuals out there are deemed appropriate for tooth implants available. Nevertheless, in case you’ve some sort or uncontrolled diabetes of mental issue then it’d simply be recommended for one to avoid this particular therapy. The therapy is frequently performed under regional anesthesia so it’s essential to determine your stamina level with regards to anesthesia.

Furthermore, in case you’re someone without a huge amount of bone, next you’d typically be requested to refrain from such a surgery. In these conditions you are able to just choose a dental implant just after bone grafting is completed.

Talk to the dentist of yours and select the dentistry clinic properly

Be sure you’re talking about the pros, suitability as well as cons of tooth implants with the dentist delivering Dental Implants in Bangalore. Don’t jump on a choice prior to training yourself completely about these elements in relation with tooth implants. A good debate on this regard is going to help you realize just how good a candidate you’re for a dental implant surgery.

Preparation to care for a sick person with cancer

Ask about changes that may occur

Sometimes, as the disease evolves, changes occur in the person with cancer. These may be due to the side effects of the treatment or to the cancer itself. It is more complicated when your family member is elderly and you can not give them enough time, but you can take them to an assisted living Tijuana Mexico to take good care of them.


Or they can be caused by other medications. Some people who cared for patients have said they would have liked to know more about the changes sooner than expected.


Changes can happen in:



Personality or mood



Appetite or nutrition needs

The person you care for may go through any of these changes or none. But you should ask the doctor if you need to pay attention to those changes and what you can do about them if they arise.


Housing arrangements

Sometimes questions arise as to whether the person with advanced cancer should live at home or move to a residence or an assistance facility. When making these decisions, here are some good questions to ask:


What kind of assistance does your loved one need?

If you are the spouse or some other loved one, are you able to take care of it?

If the person lives alone, is there any risk in her continuing to live like this?

What are the home care options?

How often will she need help?

You should also think about how your loved one feels. She may fear:


Losing your independence

Be seen as weak or as a burden for others.

Change to a health care facility or another type of nursing home.

Sometimes it is easier to think about a change in housing arrangements when the advice comes from a medical professional. Social workers, including visiting nurses, who work with older adults and others can help you talk with your loved one.


Conversations with your loved one with advanced cancer

Whether it is a spouse, family member or friend, talking about serious issues is never easy. It is normal not to know what to say to someone with advanced cancer, or worry about saying something wrong. But, the most important thing is not what you say, but you show that you have interest. This section offers tips on how to talk about advanced cancer. Your loved one with cancer may also want to go to our patient section and find advice there.


It is likely that you and your loved one with cancer are having the same thoughts and fears about the end of life. There will come a time when you will need to talk about these issues. These could include the stage of cancer, preparation for the future, fear of death, or desires at the end of life. Some families talk openly about this type of thing, while others do not. There is no right or wrong way to communicate. But studies show that families who talk about these things feel better about the care their loved ones receive and the decisions families make. Some things to remember are:


You and your loved one can still hope for a longer life or an unexpected recovery. But it is also a good idea to talk about the future being uncertain. Avoiding important issues only makes it more difficult to deal with later. Talking about your worries can give comfort to everyone.

Hiding the truth from one another is not healthy. You may realize that you think the same. Or they may realize that they think very different things. This makes it even more important that there be openness.

Often, the best way to communicate with someone is to simply listen. This is one of the main ways to show that you are interested in them. It is important to support what your loved one wants to say. It’s your life and your cancer. Your loved one needs to process their thoughts and fears at their own time and in their own way.

If you have trouble talking about painful issues, seek professional advice. A mental health expert can help you explore issues that you do not feel able to address on your own. And if the cancer patient does not want to go, you can go without him. You can listen to some ideas on how to mention these topics. You can also talk about other concerns and feelings that concern you now.


Disorders that can damage your teeth

If you suffer from bulimia, it can rapidly deteriorate your teeth and gums because stomach acid is expelled every time you vomit. The stomach acid can eat through your tooth enamel over time, cause cavities, and even cause your teeth to fall out. You may also have a yellowish hue to your teeth as a result of the repeated vomiting. For an anorexic individual, osteoporosis may develop as a result of not getting enough critical nutrients in your diet. The Osteoporosis makes your bones brittle, including your teeth. Your teeth may break easily or fall out. Mexico dentists may be able to identify whether you suffer from an eating disorder based on the condition of your teeth. Being thin isn’t worth the damage it does to the rest of your body.

2. Fertility Issues

At the Academy of Periodontology conference , research was presented linking the presence of gum disease to infertility in women. In the study, women undergoing infertility treatments in an attempt to get pregnant for an excess of three menstrual cycles tended to experience bleeding gums, inflammation, and increased levels of gingival crevicular fluid, a precursor for gum disease. This may be because the gums act as estrogen receptors, and the body is subjected to increased estrogen levels through the treatment. Gum infections appear to delay conception by around two months. Likewise, periodontal disease has been linked to miscarriage, because a mother’s infected gums can pass disease down to her unborn baby. The baby’s immune system can’t fight off the disease as effectively, causing preterm birth, miscarriage, or for the baby to be stillborn.

3. Obesity

Obesity impacts more than just your weight, obesity and dental decay are intrinsically linked. To some extent, the link should be obvious. People who snack on foods that are high in fat or sugar put their teeth at risk by exposing them to that food for a prolonged period, thus creating tooth decay. Likewise, obesity has been linked to periodontitis because increased BMI can cause gingival bleeding.

4. Thyroid Issues

The thyroid regulates metabolism, and without the right balance of hormones in the thyroid, bodily problems can emerge. Your mouth isn’t immune to these problems. Hypothyroidism, in which you have a thyroid hormone deficiency, can cause things like impacted molars, poor periodontal health, and misshapen teeth according to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Conversely, hyperthyroidism is the condition in which too many thyroid hormones are produced. This can affect oral health in some ways as well, such as a higher risk for cavities, periodontal disease, accelerated dental interruption, and burning mouth syndrome. Childhood hypo or hyperthyroidism can be even worse for dental health, as it can impair the way the mouth develops and affect craniofacial growth.

5. Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis, the build-up of fatty deposits within the lining of artery walls that can lead to blood clots, has been linked to gum disease. In turn, atherosclerosis causes heart disease. Although the link between heart disease and deteriorating dental health has not been entirely unshrouded, more and more studies are finding common ground between the two, suggesting that keeping your oral health in check may ward off heart disease and visa-verse. There are a couple of theories as to why heart disease impacts your teeth. According to an article on ABC Health and Wellbeing, the bacteria found between your teeth that cause plaque may enter the bloodstream through a bleeding gum and attach itself to fat deposits in coronary arteries. .

Dental problems of children during the summer

Summer comes and with it begins a particularly sensitive time for the teeth of the smallest. The increase in cold and carbonated beverages, the high consumption of sugars and relaxation in hygiene habits are the main reasons for the deterioration of their oral health.

The dentists of New Age Dental Clinic Tijuana tell us the possible consequences of repeating these bad habits in a prolonged way throughout the summer.

Tooth sensitivity
The summer season is the great enemy of dental sensitivity in children due to the great contrasts in temperature that occur when taking very cold foods and beverages, to which is added the increase in consumption of carbonated drinks and its effect on enamel . The main consequence of this is the appearance of an intense and painful sensation in the teeth that can prevent normal eating. To deal with dental sensitivity, it is recommended to pay special attention to brushing, to use a toothpaste especially designed for sensitive teeth, to avoid the great contrasts of temperature in food and the abuse of carbonated and very acidic beverages.

Increased bacterial plaque
The change of schedules and habits during the holidays has an impact when it comes to following dental hygiene habits. As a consequence, it increases the risk of bacterial plaque accumulation that can worsen gingival health. In addition, chlorine from swimming pools is also a factor that can favor the increase of plaque and tartar when exposed to it for many hours a week. However, it is essential to remind the youngest children that brushing is essential, especially before going to bed. The two golden rules: a minimum of 2 minutes and mouthwash.

Increased cavities
Caries does not rest on holidays, but oral hygiene habits do, especially in children. This relaxation in brushing, coupled with the abuse of sugary foods and soft drinks, directly translates into an increased risk of tooth decay. To avoid this, we must accustom the little ones to always carry a brush in their backpacks to take care of their dental hygiene after each meal, which should be balanced and contain vitamins that favor our teeth, such as vitamin C.

Dental injuries
Finally, we can not forget that traumatisms double during the summer due to the rhythm of life of the youngest children. Sometimes we can not avoid them, but we can act against them by checking if the tooth is correctly and going immediately to the dentist, especially if the tooth has fallen completely. If we have been able to recover it, whether it is just a piece or the whole tooth, it is possible that it could be reimplanted in the child’s mouth.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Long recovery times from certain kinds of surgery are becoming a thing of the past as techniques become much less invasive, letting patients get back to normal more quickly and with less pain. One area in which minimally invasive procedures are being implemented is in the dental field, trying to damage as little as possible the patient’s teeth and making a recovery faster and the pain after the procedure is less, if you want to have an effective attention by a professional in the dental area you have to look for a minimally invasive dentist Tijuana Mexico.


When a dental or surgical clinic offers this type of option, you can be sure that they care about your wellbeing after any intervention.


State-of-the-art technology and techniques, using things like tiny fiber-optic flashlights, miniature cameras, and high-definition monitors, are being used to treat a variety of ailments, including problems with the gallbladder, colon, hernias and gastroesophageal reflux disease. This equipment is also being used with knee, hip, and spinal surgeries.


These types of surgeries are characterized by smaller incisions and muscles that have been separated rather than cut through. This means less blood loss during the operation as well as a shorter rehabilitation time afterward. Many are performed as outpatient surgery, eliminating the need for hospitalization.


These surgeries come with fewer complications, less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.


Orthopedic surgeons also are able to use minimally invasive surgery to perform total knee replacement without cutting through tendons or muscles. The incision has been reduced from 12 inches in length to as small as three to five inches.


Minimally invasive techniques can repair ruptured discs that are pinching nerves in the spine. With the right surgery and right surgeon, patients can return to their normal life activities much sooner and with less discomfort.


What Is Bruxism And How To Stop It

Bruxism is the habit of tightening the teeth unconsciously. Most people do not know that they grind their teeth, which can cause health problems.

One of the most common causes for people to tighten their teeth is stress, nerves, some fear, some treatments for this disease can be more psychological than medical, but when it is a problem that has already developed, then it is necessary to resort to your doctor, especially if it is dental. The patient’s teeth are already facing out for as long as they have been unconsciously or conscientiously tightening, so after stopping the action of stretching them, you can go with your dentist in Tijuana for orthodontic treatments.


The custom of tightening the teeth without any purpose, called bruxism, is beyond our control. Usually, people who suffer from it do not know it because they grind their teeth while they sleep and most of them discover it because another person says it or because they notice that their jaws hurt. It is caused by crooked teeth, incomplete teeth and, especially in our days, anxiety or stress.


This habit can cause many problems, from the breakage of the teeth or the total loss of some parts, to hearing problems or in the jaw; in most cases it requires surgery. To avoid reaching this point, it is best to consult the dentist and get a mouth guard to prevent bruxism at night.


Other ways to avoid grinding your teeth uncontrollably involve a change in habits. If during the day we tighten the teeth, we can try to prevent doing it by placing the tongue between the teeth. It is also important to stop eating chewing gum to learn that we should not chew if we are not eating. Avoiding some foods like alcohol, caffeinated drinks and chocolate also helps.


Procedures to be a mom

There are several things we want to do or have in life, and the goals vary from one person to another, but the truth is that if you want something you have to do it, for example, if you always dreamed of having a Hollywood star smile then Bartell Dental the dentist in Tijuana Mexico is what you are looking for. If on the other hand what you want is more difficult to obtain as having a child, due to different difficulties you have not been able to, we show you some of the most common solutions.

One of the ways is to place an embryo that directly and having stimulated the ovaries of the woman, it is not possible to control how many of the ovules that are released will be fertilized which increases the chances of a multiple pregnancies. It is a treatment that is recommended in women under 35 and 38 who do not have, a priori, any reproductive problem: the fallopian tubes work well, ovulation is correct, and the sperm from the semen sample is of sufficient quality.

The next day you can check how many embryos we have and, after a culture of about five days in the laboratory, we select the best embryo to transfer and the rest are frozen for the future, whether they want to have more children or in the first attempt pregnancy is not achieved. The difference between this technique is in the possibilities of controlling that an unwanted multiple pregnancies may occur as per the success rate that is achieved.

Frozen embryos

The embryos are frozen in the laboratory, in containers of liquid nitrogen. Regarding the time of freezing, in Spain the legislation marks four options: to use the embryos in different pregnancy attempts, to donate them to another couple, to donate them for research or to destroy them. The doctor explains that we are governed by the woman’s reproductive age. Until age 50, the embryos remain in the laboratory and, from there, as legally cannot be transferred, we ask our patient if she wants to donate them for research or she wants us to proceed with their destruction.

Each woman is born with a certain number of ovules that are spent as we go through menstrual cycles. It is, therefore, a finite and determined number of possibilities of being a mother that varies depending on each woman. Knowing the ovarian reserve of a woman is fundamental to know her fertility realistically. Determining this reservation is very easy. In the first days of the menstrual cycle, using a transvaginal ultrasound, you can count the number of follicles that exist and, therefore, the number of possible ovules that will occur in that particular cycle. To this, we must add the performance of a blood test in which antimullerian hormone levels are measured.

With the combination of these results, the information sought is obtained. If the levels of this hormone are reasonable, the follicles count high or reasonable, and the age is within the most fertile margins of the woman (up to 30 years), we can say that we have a good ovarian reserve and the possibilities of conceiving they are naturally high, and fertility is not compromised. It is essential, concludes the specialist, that women are more aware of the importance of, from 30 years, measuring this ovarian reserve to allow us to predict in some way the real fertility in each case and, if necessary, we can start to consider the possibility of freezing good quality ovules so that if in the future, they want to be mothers, they have greater guarantees of achieving this through assisted reproduction techniques.

Four Popular Liposuction Procedures

Numerous young ladies keep their bodies fit as a fiddle the old design way. The old design way importance exercise, consuming fewer calories, and eating healthy, and never enjoying practices that can are terrible for one’s general wellbeing. In spite of the fact that activity and such is done most ordinarily most people have persistent fat stores on regions of the body that we find not as much as alluring. The perfect contender for liposuction Tijuana can is inside their weight and experiences no difficulty shedding pounds, yet might want to dispose of undesirable fat or basically have a more shaped and characterized figure. Liposuction is a straightforward methodology in which a machine is utilized to dispense with undesirable fat. There are a few distinct kinds of lipo strategies in which a patient can look over, yet the four most well-known systems are:

Tumescent Liposuction-utilizes a lot of saline answer for extricating greasy tissue from muscle for simpler fat expulsion.

Ultrasound helped liposuction-uses ultrasonic vitality to separate the fat before expulsion.

Liposelection-Another kind of ultrasonic liposuction Specialize cannula and scored test.

Power helped liposuction-Different kind of tumescent liposuction utilizes a vibrating cannula, separates the fat rapidly before it is evacuated with suction.

Amid tumescent liposuction, the Liposuction authority will infuse a lot of saline liquid into the region to be dealt with; this permits less demanding fat expulsion and decreases blood misfortune. The tissue ends up swollen and firm due to the arrangement making it to a great degree simpler for the specialist to pick up control. For this technique, General anesthesia isn’t required and in this manner, the method should be possible as an outpatient system. Another methodology like this one is that of is super-wet liposuction.

Ultrasound helped liposuction-this kind of liposuction Beverly Hills men utilize all the more usual. This system includes the utilization of an extraordinary cannula which produces ultrasonic vitality (a tube that suctions the fat). This cannula separates the fat and melts it making evacuation less demanding. The fat is suctioned utilizing the same conventional liposuction method. This method is to a great degree valuable in treating the upper back and gynecomastia in light of the fact that here fat is thick and more hard to move around.

Liposelection-A progressed for ultrasonic liposuction. The Liposuction Los Angeles Women lean toward on the grounds that torment and wounding after the method is profoundly limited. This methodology includes the utilization of restrictive notched tests and a specific cannula to evacuate fat. The fat is emulsified before expulsion and it ends up simpler to evacuate. This methodology is less intrusive also and is known for its reason for the fast mending of swelling and wounding after the technique the recuperation time is essentially lower with this strategy.

Power helped liposuction-comprise of the utilization of a power cannula that which produces little, quick vibrations to separate cells. The name to some may suggest a harsh strategy however this methodology is gentler than most liposuction strategies. This technique should be possible rapidly, on the grounds that it permits the specialist to add up to control. It likewise has an exceptionally fast recuperation process.

Benefits of Improving Your Smile

They say” a smile is worth a thousand words” , I say “it’s worth much more”. Your smile goes a long way in determining your mood, it can also make you happier; keep you healthy, and make you appear more attractive. In other words you become more approachable and lovable. Research has proven, that a white smile boosts your confidence, emotional stability and helps in making your relationships more successful. This makes it necessary, to invest time and resources toward improving your smile. Cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana has been found to contribute greatly, to not just improving your smile, but your overall health. When your teeth are healthy, the risk of certain diseases like; a heart or kidney disease is reduced. There are a couple more health, emotional, and physical benefits to improving your smile, let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Increased Self Confidence

Generally, people who laugh and smile more frequently, feel good about themselves and how they look. This makes you exude a kind of aura that attracts people to you, and makes your relationship with people better, with fewer arguments and misunderstandings.
2. Healthier and Happier
Improving your smile, comes with a better Oral health. Tooth decay and gum diseases can come with a lot of pain and discomfort. With a good cosmetic dentist, you’ll be on your way to not just improving your smile, but getting rid of all dental issues. Dental health is strongly linked to your overall physical health.
3. Emotional Stability
Scientists have observed that with a good laugh, there is an increase in the amount of neuro-chemicals like; dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, neuropeptides, etc. that is released into the body system; this causes you to feel better, calmer, more comfortable and happier. Frequent smiles, have been proven to be effective in managing mood disorders, persistent stress and tension, etc. Hope you found this helpful, thanks for reading!

Stress Is The Modern Disease.

Everyone complains about it and many other diseases are due to him. What can you do to alleviate it and enjoy life more? In Life and Health we tell you about some strategies to relax and let go of stress. When you’re so stressed that I can not even see your wife then it’s time for a change. You can move to a place with a beach, it is quiet and it will dissipate your stress. You can even buy a house for sale in Baja California and live in peace for the rest of your life, this place has even the best elder care Mexico.

In your big city you may leave home early and find yourself in so much traffic that you end up being late for work or an important appointment. From that delay, the whole day gets complicated and things do not go as you thought. The normal reaction of these times? Stress, as if that solved something. But in reality, stress does not help, on the contrary, it causes you health problems and causes you more stress and worries. It is a vicious circle. To break it, it is best to follow relaxation techniques for the body and mind.

If you are one of the people who live overwhelmed by stress, it will be useful to learn how to fight it.

1. Laugh at stress
It is not a joke. A good laugh has positive effects for your health in the short and long term. Those effects are physical. In the short term: laughter increases your heart rate and with this the oxygen in your blood, you also release more endorphins, some substances of the brain, the result is a feeling of well-being. Also, if you laugh, any situation, however difficult it may seem, becomes much easier to handle.

2. Express your feelings
Let your emotions out! Talk to your friends, cry, laugh, scream … expressing yourself is healthy and is a good way to release the stress of stress. Remember that friends are good for your mental health.

3. Learn to say no if you feel like
If you feel that you have to do too many things, and you look like a juggler with all the tasks you have to accomplish, just say no. Do not feel guilty or that you are selfish. Saying no, has its benefits because you can take the time to do what you like, with your family and your friends when you are not engaged in commitments to the things you already said, yes. Doing more than you can, without a doubt, will cause you stress.

4. Write everything
Putting a list of things that cause you stress on a paper can be a useful tool, because when you visualize them, you can solve them one by one. Writing is always a therapy, because you express yourself and help clarify your thoughts.

5. Exercise like a cheetah
Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to manage stress. When you exercise your body releases substances that make you feel better emotionally. In addition, you release the tension of the muscles. What are you waiting for? I promise that exercise, among other benefits, is an antidote to worries and stress.

6. Test relaxation techniques
Doing yoga, meditating, learning techniques to breathe better are strategies that help to calm you down and take away the stress of your life. In addition, they help you focus on the present and put aside worries about things that have not happened yet. Massages are also an excellent way to relax and feel like new.

7. Do something that you enjoy, just for the pleasure of doing it
Dedicate time to your hobby, have more contact with nature, do something creative like paint, write or some manual work. If you have pets, play with them. Doing volunteer work also helps you feel good and clear your mind by helping others.

Find time for you Remember that it is not worth anticipating things that have not happened yet. The only real moment is the present, so enjoy it and do not overload your body and your mind with so many worries. Stress the only thing that will cause you, is more problems.

Diferencia Real Entre Implantes Dentales Regulares Y Mini

Los implantes dentales con dentistas en tijuana México son los postes o marcos hechos de metales y estos se colocan quirúrgica mente en su mandíbula debajo de sus encías. Estos están fusionados a la mandíbula para proporcionar un soporte más estable a sus dientes artificiales, ya que proporciona soporte a sus puentes y dentaduras. Pero para los implantes dentales que necesita, necesita tener suficiente hueso para soportar los implantes y tener encías saludables para que sus estructuras puedan ser saludables.

Existen diferentes razones por las cuales los implantes dentales en México son el mejor tratamiento disponible para reemplazar dientes perdidos o rotos, ya que ofrecen una gran cantidad de beneficios para su salud oral. Es la solución más duradera que puede durar toda la vida, ya que ayuda a restaurar la estética facial y la renovación de la sonrisa con la sustitución de los dientes que faltan. Es una nueva tecnología que requiere un procedimiento quirúrgico para reemplazar los dientes perdidos o rotos, de modo que recupere su confianza y autoestima.

Un mini implante es significativamente más delgado en comparación con un implante regular. El diámetro de los mini implantes dentales generalmente oscila entre 1.8 mm y 2.9 mm en comparación con los de 4 mm a 6 mm para los tradicionales. Al ser de tamaño pequeño, un MDI se puede colocar en áreas donde hay una pérdida sustancial de hueso.
Un implante convencional se compone comúnmente de tres partes: un tornillo de material de titanio, el pilar y la corona. Los MDI, por otro lado, son aparatos de titanio de una sola pieza y cuerpo estrecho.
Los tornillos normales suelen ser huecos en el medio, mientras que el mini implante es una pieza sólida.
A diferencia de los implantes tradicionales, solo la porción en forma de bola del mini implante sobresale de las encías.
Colocar implantes regulares es un procedimiento invasivo y lento. Primero, el tornillo de titanio o raíz falsa se inserta directamente en la mandíbula. Después de un período de curación de varios días, la raíz se une al hueso. Se coloca un pilar sobre la parte del implante y luego se agrega una corona, la parte superior de la restauración. Todo el procedimiento se completa en varias etapas en el lapso de algunos meses. Los mini implantes, por el contrario, se fijan mediante la perforación de un pequeño agujero piloto en el hueso de la mandíbula, que no requiere incisiones. Este procedimiento mínimamente invasivo se completa en una sola etapa en tan solo 2 horas.
El costo involucrado en mini implantes dentales es mucho menor en comparación con los implantes regulares. Un mini implante dental puede costar hasta un 60% menos que uno convencional.
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You Will Want a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover with Brio Dental is an easy and quick comparatively method to get an increase in self confidence. It’s very well researched and established that individuals that are actually at ease with the smile of theirs will in turn smile more. If a particular person meets someone for the very first time, one of the primary things they’ll see is the smile of theirs and it is a significant element in setting up an excellent first impression. A smile is able to tell an individual in case you’re happy, confident or shy.

So how could you alter those pearly whites to encourage your smile face the planet with self assurance? Smile makeovers are actually the uncomplicated answer. This particular treatment consists of a range of treatments. Based on the explicit needs of yours, you might have one or maybe numerous treatments to get the smile of the goals of yours.

Below are the famous dentistry procedures which would be incorporated in a traditional smile makeover.

Veneers – composite or perhaps porcelain. A veneer is most likely probably the most remarkable solution in phrases of just how much it is able to improve the appearance and feel of the teeth of yours. In case you’ve stained, crooked, badly damaged or even used out teeth, you are able to use veneers to bring them. Here, a shell is created that’s positioned over your original tooth that is much more durable and less prone to staining.]

Dental Crowns / Caps – these’re used to restore broken, cracked, and damaged teeth. A crown is produced which may be put in addition to the affected tooth to be able to defend and strengthen the tooth in question. Though these will give an answer, they’re more affordable compared to veneers because of the reality they don’t last as long.

Implants – in case you’ve missing teeth or maybe one that requires replacing due to decay, years or disease, you will utilize an implant. These’re long lasting alternative to dentures or perhaps fixed bridges but is costly as the dentist will need to produce a bespoke tooth.

Teeth whitening – In case you’re pleased with the figure and placing of the teeth of yours right now, but are actually unsatisfied with the colour, teeth whitening may be the best option in your case.

The qualities of the microbiota of the skin and the healing of injuries

The skin, in addition to being the largest organ of the human body, acts as the first line of physical and immune defense. This capacity is also a complex and dynamic ecosystem, inhabited by a multitude of organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Currently, a group of researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda has described the way in which the microbiota of the skin induces the response of the immune system to a wound, a fact that favors its healing.
The results of the team, led by Yasmine Belkaid, have shown a kind of dialogue between the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis, naturally occurring in human skin, and a specific type of immune cells, the CD8 + T lymphocytes. Specifically, the microbiota is able to attract and activate these cells by non-classical molecules of the set of proteins known as major histocompatibility complex class I. In addition, scientists studying the gene expression profile of these lymphocytes induced by microorganisms. The analysis revealed an increase in the levels of those genes involved in tissue regeneration processes.
For researchers, this finding indicates that lymphocytes, in addition to defending the organism against aggression, must also promote the healing process. Experiments performed in adult mice confirmed their hypothesis, since CD8 + T cells accumulated at the edge of a wound in the ear of rodents. There, the lymphocytes activated the proliferation of keratinocytes, keratin protein secreting cells that stimulate epithelial tissue growth. Consequently, the healing time was shorter.
Thus, the data obtained in this research suggest that the microbiota and pathogenic bacteria induce different mechanisms of activation of the immune system.
A better understanding of the role of microbes in the immunity processes that can contribute to the development of new methods of tissue regeneration in surgical procedures from dental implants Tijuana to a life or death operation. Currently, this is a fundamental challenge in medicine, since the strategies available to treat wounds caused by injuries, surgical interventions or diseases are not always effective. If in the future, the results obtained in this study are confirmed in humans, this could be a great advance in modern medicinedev

Time for a Root Canal Treatment?

Assuming that the source of your tooth ache is severe decay and contagion in the tooth pulp, you should get an affordable root canal dentist in tijuana. This is a multiple step by step dental operation that requires removal of the spoiled tooth pulp and also other times the nerve from a tooth and enclosing it to safeguard it against future tooth ache. There are various dental issues that a root canal can cure and that is why it is a very popular method. Pain is the most transparent sign that one needs to get a root canal. However, there are other signs and indications that only a dental professional can be able to identify. How can you know if your tooth really requires a root canal? Simple. Here are some of the main signs:


If you experience constant teeth pain while eating or when you apply pressure on that specific area then you should see a doctor immediately for a root canal procedure. Also, sometimes you might experience pain when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold substances. This means shows that a root canal is urgently needed.


A very deep cavity that touches the tooth pulp causes infection to the pulp. The infection might spread very fast and therefore the pulp has to be removed immediately through a root canal operation.

Cracked Tooth

If the crack is deep enough that it reaches the pulp then a root canal is needed. This may also lead to sensitivity and inflammation in the gum area specifically near the painful tooth part. However, not all tooth cracks are an indication for a root canal. Other signs are darkening of the decaying area in the tooth and also a slight swelling on the gum area.

Conclusively, once you notice any of these red flags, you should visit a dentist immediately. Ignoring the signs might bring about others severe problems that put your dental health at risk. This means your tooth might need to be replaced which proves to be really costly unlike the best price dental implats we offer.

Change Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Your smile is the first and foremost thing that people notice about you as it represents your entire personality. A beautiful smile can enhance your face value and if you have a perfect smile then you can feel more confident about you. If you have warped teeth, crooked teeth, gummy smiles, spaced teeth or discolored teeth then it can affect your smile and confidence. But you can change your smile in samaritan dental with Porcelain veneers so that you can get rid of these issues.

Porcelain veneers are the thin layers of porcelain that are usually bonded onto the front of your teeth for providing a hard surface on your teeth. Even though the wafer thin slices of porcelain are brittle and frail, their attachment to the hard surface of your tooth can make it long lasting and durable. You can change your smile with Porcelain veneers as it helps in correcting the imperfections of your teeth like masking chips and cracks, covering spots of discoloration, filling the gap between the teeth. It helps in creating instant change to your smile so that your teeth appear brighter, straighter, whiter and appropriately spaced than before. It also provides you with whiter teeth that have been discolored due to different reasons like chemicals, stains or physical injury so that you can get a beautiful smile.

If you are looking for complete teeth makeover then porcelain veneers is the best option for you as it helps you to achieve a perfect smile. It helps to mask the imperfections of your teeth so that you can change your look with porcelain veneers. But for this you will need to look for an experienced and qualified dentist who will assist you in achieving that perfect smile. The Tijuana dentists will look for the veneers that will resemble the shape and size of your existing teeth for enhancing your overall appearance.