The importance of the SEO

Nobody is going search to you in the Yellow Pages. Everybody goes to Google, and those that appear in the first positions of the search take those to win. The companies know it, and for that reason many of them dedicate important economic sums to pay to the finder and to be guaranteed an outstanding place (it is what SEM is called €“ Search Engine Marketing).

The great advantage of the SEO - Search Engine Optimization- is to secure a natural positioning, without having to disburse not one Euro. But it is not easy, and although it does not need money, yes requires of something of work, since the SEO depends to a large extent on a strategy of linkbuilding - to secure to external liaisons and other two hundred factors, among them the movement of our Web through the network, and that includes the task of managing several profiles in the social networks.

There are sectors in which the fight is bloody, with numerous companies paying to Google and others spending to him long time to him to the blog of the Web and the social networks (also there are them make the two things, just in case).

The first step for the SEO is the previous analysis of the key words that are keyed more in the finder, that is to say, the tendency search of that sector in which our page is going to compete. Once known those words, the inner work function arrives that is realised aside from the own design. , Sometimes most important of a Web it is what it is not seen. The labels, codes are many and internal configurations those that there are to apply so that the robot of Google €œtries to us well€ and award to us with a good position in the ranking. All the designers do not consider the guts of a website, and exist pages that are precious in their design, but absolutely ineffective facing the finder. If you do not appear little in Google concerns the beautiful thing that is the Web.

We put a real example: the Virgin Medical center of the Valley. When I made a Web for this center of medical examinations, first that I did was the study of key words, and according to Google Addwords, the keyed search more (related to the sector) is €œto renew driver's license €œ, one of the main specialties of the center. After a work of SEO and some months (the positioning is not question of days), if we are in Seville and we looked for those words in Google, our medical center usually appears in the second position (thanks to the local positioning):
To only it surpasses the DGT him, and we are over renovarcarnet.com or jefaturadetrafico.es
The Web also is on the front page of Google with other terms search: €œmedical examinations in nautical Seville€, €œtitles in Seville€, €œpermission to bear arms in Seville€, etc., considering each one of the services/sections that are in the Web.
The result is appraised in the statistics from visits to the site, with a graph that has been raising in a period of four months, peaky more and more high:

To strain in those first positions without paying to Google is extremely complicated and it does not depend only on the work of webmaster. Once the client has in his power the Web, she must obtain that its page travels by numerous channels of the network, and if it does not spend time to it (or contract to somebody so that it does it) it is almost one impossible mission. The SEO onpage (the one that realises webmaster within the page) is important for Google, but every time is acquiring more force the SEO offpage (what it happens in the network in relation to our Web), and for that reason the social networks are an element fundamental to attract visitors and to increase our visibility.

Conclusion: if you want that your it negotiates is in the peak of Google you need a good Web formed by a professional and an ample strategy to develop in Internet so that the name of your company acquires the diffusion that you wish.

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