The design of webpages. How a Web is created

There was a time in which a Web was constructed from zero, even writing almost everything in language HTML. Soon programs arrived that did the easiest work, but the pages continued being very simple in their operation, did not have to interact with the user, everything was static and designed with tables.

The birth arrived from Web 2,0 and everything changed, with language php that allow the Webs to be dynamic and cambiantes with the activity of the navigator. The pages become data bases, and soon responsive arrives the technology, that adapts the Web to the screens of all the devices. At the moment, a webpage is something so complex that nobody constructs it from the anything (only those great companies that counts on their team of designers and programmers).

All the companies normally use a manager of Webs and a group who adapts to the wished style. And in this sense, the king is WordPress, number 1 in management and design of webpages, with thousands of groups available and plugins to obtain everything what one wishes. Also one says that WordPress is the great friend of Google at the time of positioning a Web, since it considers, along with his plugins, the SEO work that there is to realise in a page.

In Miratuweb we used several of the sold and evaluated groups more in the market, to guarantee that the mechanism does not fail to us, and we carefully chose the design that better comes us for the type from business in which we are working.

Therefore, these are the main steps that a designer follows at present Web:

  • Installation and configuration of WordPress in the engaged servant.
  • Installation of the chosen group and configuration of its graphical elements: colors, fonts, style of the head, etc.
  • Creation of the menu and the different pages from the site.
  • To fill up each page with its respective contents: texts, photos, form of contact, etc.

These are the basic points in the construction of the website, but it is necessary to consider many other factors if we want that our page is visible for the finder, home by the key words that we will use at the time of writing the name of each URL, holders, internal descriptions, metaetiquetas, etc.

Also we must consider that the Web well is optimized, that is fast in their speed of load, connected properly with the social networks, formed in Google Search Console with the map of the site, with the statistics of Google Analytics, located in Google Maps if we spoke of a local business,€¦

Although we work with predesigned groups and elements, the creation of a website is a process very made that needs many working hours, kind to numerous details and always thinking about the directives of Google so that our Web correctly is indexed and €œtried well€ by the web search engine.