How to choose and to contract a domain for our webpage

When a company, independent or particular starts up an idea and begins to think about its webpage, the first questions that become usually is referred to the name of the domain. In terms of positioning, many think about using the key words of their sector, or abogadosevilla.com or psicologoclinico.es

In fact, keywords within the domain influences very little in the SEO of a Web; for example, if we looked for a supermarket online, no of which supermarket€ in the name of the domain appears in top 10 have the word €œ, and in first position is Ulabox.com

Therefore, they are not obsessed to put words in the direction of the Web; keywords influences much more placed strategically in other sites of the Web. More information exceeds how to use keywords, there is another article published in Miratuweb here.

The extension of the domain

Next, one is wondered what extension of domain to choose, if com, is, net,€¦ Normally, com is chosen when it thinks about international terms, in addition to by image questions (by its popularity). For Google, a site finished in .com is by defect a Web oriented geographically to all the globe. On the other hand, if a certain company only has puttings its sights in a national market, logical and the most effective thing is to choose the completion of the country at issue, or France (.fr), Spain (.es) or Italy (.it), and then Google will automatically orient the Web to this country.

Also it is necessary to clarify that with the tools of Google Search Console we can direct our Web towards a determined country, and even to several different ones if we have a multilingual site. In fact, a domain that finishes in .es can position and to be very visible in countries that are not Spain. Peculiarly, in the Spanish case also the completions exist cat (Catalonia), the GAL (Galicia) and eus (Basque Country).

Conclusion: the name of the domain must be brief and direct, with the name of our brand, and is almost absolutely unnecessary to add key words. In the end, the most effective Webs are easiest to remember, those that the user recognizes by a single word that he identifies with our image and the services that we offer.

Recommendation: with the object of to protect our brand (the name that it identifies to us), usually buys several domains with the same name but different completions. For example, if we decided to acquire the miempresa.com domain also is recommendable to buy miempresa.es, miempresa.net, miempresa.org,€¦ So many extensions as are desired. The miempresa.com direction would be the main one, lodging the Web in her, and the rest of domains is redirected to .com, of such form that if somebody writes miempresa.es, the navigator would take us automatically to .com.

The hiring of the domain

Once decided the name of our domain, the moment arrives for verifying if he is available, that is to say, that to anybody him has happened the same name and is free the direction that we wished for our Web.

Normally, all the companies of hosting supply the lodging Web with a domain including, and the best thing always is to contract that pack of domain-lodging. On best hostings in Spain, you can read this article. But also it is possible that, at the moment, you only want to register the domain, without lodging Web, to be the proprietor of the same and to have reserved it for the future.

The registry and hiring of a domain are much more simple that the search of hosting, since we will not have to fix us to all the technical characteristics that the operation of our Web will have (a domain does not have capacity in gigas, neither memory, nor technology PHP, nor accounts of mail, is only a name that aims at a direction IP).

Attention: also there are companies of design of webpages that supply the domain and lodging. Advice: to register the domain always to the margin of the work of design Web, that is to say, that nobody registers a domain in your name, that nobody can the future be in the proprietor, recording agent or administrative contact of that domain (the problems who this can entail in the future can be very serious, I say it by experience).

The purchase of a domain only must have these factors in account:

  • To contract with a solution company, that has recognition and is present in Internet
  • That it, that is to say, allows the registry us of privacy in WHOIS that nobody can accede to our personal data as proprietors of that domain.
  • That it free of charge includes a certificate of security SSL, that is to say, that our webpage (when we have it) begins by https with the green candadito and the message €œIs safe€. In terms of SEO it is another factor considered by Google, and absolutely recommendable if you think to mount a store online (guaranteeing the user that is paying in a site that includes cryptographic protection when it inserts his banking data).

Cheap domains

By the others, any company is valid to register our domain, and is hundreds of them. It only is to find the most attractive supply and than it before satisfies the mentioned requirements. Normally, the price goes up to around 10‚¬ to the year (with IVA a little raises more).

Between all the supply of the market, very economic options exist, among them Hostinger, that has its own section of cheap Domains. The prices vary (like in other companies) if the domain is .es or a .com.  In the case of Hostinger, .es is sold by the price of 5,99‚¬ annual, and .com leaves by 7,99‚¬. They are very competitive prices, and the acquired domains own all the characteristics that we have described previously.

On the other hand, the Web of Hostinger owns a magnificent Domain Checker to verify the availability of our domain and all the possible options in extensions. It is a good departure site to begin to construct our image in Internet.