Hosting very recommendable for your webpage

In a previous article, we spoke of some of the companies that enjoy greater reputation in Spain at the time of contracting good hosting for a webpage. Hostings as the one of Webempresa or Siteground offers magnificent benefits, but sometimes the relation quality-price is not too egalitarian. For example, hosting with domain in Siteground, in its more basic option, costs 144‚¬ to us to the year.

For a normal Web of company, or even for a store online, it is not so necessary to contract superhosting, and by half of price we can have a lodging that offers similar characteristics.

Looking for that ideal price that it balances with the quality, a quite recommendable option is Hostinet, where we found prices among 60 and 80‚¬ to the year. From its main menu, in the Hosting section, we see an ample fan of options, from most basic, by some 36‚¬, to lodgings specialized in WordPress with hard disks SSD, which guarantees a greater speed in the writing and reading of data.

Already from the menu of Hosting, we can see of very detailed form all the technical elements that each supply owns (few companies offer as much information before with tratatar).

Some of the most outstanding characteristics of Hostinet:

  • SSL: Gratuitous certificate of security in all the hostings, even in more cheap.
  • Domain free in many options of hiring.
  • Control Panel: Quite complete, yet type of options. A little agrees to trastear in everything what Control Panel offers this, since includes tools of optimization, backup copies, and a selector of PHP that not only offers all the versions of PHP, but also allows to change all the variables that are desired.

  • Telephone attention: It is of the best thing than it has Hostinet. In 10 seconds you are speaking with somebody of the technical support, are possibly the fastest company in taking care of you the telephone, I do not know anything the same. On the other hand, the technical support is excellent; any doubt or problem is solved on the march.
  • Gratuitous migration: For that already they have a webpage in another one hosting, a service gratuitous, fast and easy exists. It is only necessary to facilitate the data of access of the other lodging and Hostinet is in charge to migrate the Web and the accounts of mail to new hosting. Normally, they do it in a single day.

In Miratuweb we are affiliates of Hostinet, and if you are decided to lodge your webpage with them,

this connection has a 10% of discount.