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If you do not know some these words, you are not scared…

For that we are, to advise envelope to you how to reach the first positions of Google. Your Web will contain all these elements, and we will tell you how to plan your strategy in the network.
Design of webpages in Seville, with positioning SEO in Google

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What is the SEO?

Basically one is to know what it likes the robot of Google and to occur it. As simple as that. And so complicated, since the positioning of a Web in the ranking of the finder depends on 200 factors, as it is explained in numerous blogs – there is one here speaks of 205 -. And to that it is necessary to add that nobody knows retail how the algorithms of Google work, and what it happens when the Giant of Internet changes those mechanisms in its codes search (sometimes has been disastrous for thousands of Webs).
We only can rely on the suggestions that Google dictates to us and to do it as well as possible, considering both great blocks in which the SEO is divided:

  • SEO onpage: what it happens within the page; it is what we can control properly directly when we made the Web, optimizing it and labeling it.
  • SEO offpage: what it happens outside the page and that webmaster no longer can control when the delivery to the client: mainly the movement in social networks and the links from other Webs. For that reason always the hiring of community is recommendable for a company manager that is in charge to generate traffic it Web and to improve of that form the positioning.

Frequent questions on the positioning SEO of a webpage

How the SEO works
and which is our strategy?
We told you in 2 minutes


In MiraTuWeb we consider the great initial factors that influence in the positioning, and from we advised there on the strategies to follow in the future conquering the first positions of the classification of Google.
The SEO is as an exciting basic race in which there is to surpass to the competitors with something of work, experience and imagination, knowing to play with the letters that Google distributes.

Examples of positioning SEO

These are some of our works that serve as examples as strategy SEO, including the own page of Miratuweb.

Design of webpages in Seville

In the first positions of Google if you look for “design Web Seville? or “Seville webpages?. Normally it is in Top 3, and emphasizing in the map of Google thanks to the local SEO.

Wasabi Seville Sushi
Japanese restaurant Wasabi, in Seville

In the first place if you look for catering Japanese in Seville. Also positioned by “Japanese restaurant Seville?, “Seville sushi?, and “eaten Japanese at home?.

Equestrian Riopudio

In the first position of Google by the words horse Seville. It is a center of riding in Espartinas (Seville), with classes of all type and for all the ages

Virgin of the Valley
Virgin medical center of the Valley, medical recognitions and certificates

Center of medical examinations; the keyed search more according to Google in relation to this sector is “to renew driver's license?. If we looked for that in Seville, the Virgin Medical center of the Valley usually appears in second position, superficially even of

Arabian Sweets
Store to buy Arab candies

In first position if you look for to buy Arab candies or “lie down sweet Arab?, and in Top 10 only by “Arab candies?.

Techno Light
Reforms in Seville

In Top 5 of Google, in a as competitive sector as it is Seville reforms. It is a company of works, reforms, projects and direction of works