Facebook for companies: last changes in the administration of the pages

For several weeks, those that we dedicated ourselves to manage pages of Facebook from our personal profile, that is to say, as administrators, we have seen how the visibility of the €œprofessional wall€ disappeared €“ the publications of those pages which we followed. We did not see either how to give him €œI like€, in the name of our page, to other than it interested to us.
In fact, all that can be continued doing, but it works of another form.
The first change that €œterrified€ the administrators is to see that we changed to our page to act in his name and continued seeing carita of our personal profile in the bar of above.

And if we beat in the F of above to the left, we return to our personal wall, not to the wall of the page at issue.
Now it is acceded to that wall of the following way: beating (in the menu of the left) in the option €œTo see the news of pages€.

And thus they appear us the pages which we followed and the last publications of them.
Also we see another thing in the part superior: the message with green button of €œIndicates that you like other pages€. When beating in that button, a square is opened search the page that interests to you, you locate and to him DAS to it €œTo keep€.

You are already then following of that page and I receive the message €œlikes they€.
Also you can give €œlikes Me€ to a page from your personal profile but acting as one of your pages, and a simpler and direct way. It is easy: beating in the button of the three points that there are in the cover, and to select €œTo indicate that you like as your page€, marking the page that you wish.

As far as publications, it is easy to act as page at the time of giving €œI Like€, you even can change of profile in that same publication, just down to the left of her, in a drop-down flechita that he indicates to you in the name of whom I am going to give €œlikes€.

In conclusion: fodder that everything was more comfortable before, continues bothering to see my above to me carita absolutely, instead of the logo of my page (thus he was everything clearer), but good, is question to be accustomed and to continue adapting us the changes and desires of the greater social network of the world.