How to unload videos and mp3 of Youtube without installing programs

Many programs and applications exist that settle in the own navigator to unload videos of Youtube, although the majority usually stops working or they become payment versions. Possibly, the Web that now we recommended stops working with time, but at the moment it is the form simplest to unload a video or the sound in mp3 without having to install nothing.

It is easy: it is only necessary to copy the URL of this video and to stick it in the square of this Web:


We beat in €œUnloading€ and quality or size unfolds to us all the options available as far as, in case we want to unload it in HD or a smaller format for mobiles, to choose between mp4, 3gp or webm.

The last option is €œTo turn to Music into mp3€, perfect to unload the song of a video, for example.

As soon as we press one of those selectors, the video or mp3 begins to unload, that simple.