The key words (keywords) and how to use them

Eight years ago he was simple: the key words were placed in the Keywords label to indicate to him to the finder which were those terms by which we wanted to appear in the results search. In that label all the words that we wanted, separated were written by commas. €œMore listillos€ they began to stuff that label with a countless number of words to appear in the ranking of Google by the most varied types of searches; they got to put keywords as €œsex€, €œGod€, etc., that is to say, to place in that €œputs-tag€ words that did not even have anything to do with our Web, but which very they were keyed in the finder; the objective era to secure visits at all costs.

The day arrived in which those of Google realized behavior of the €œabusers€, and decided that nonera of receipt that the user looked for a thing and appeared to him another one. Therefore, in 2009 Google announced that the Keywords label would not return to be considered by the robot search.
As of that year, the key words had to be placed of another form within a website, distributed of form strategic to emphasize them facing the finder. The sites of a page are several in which it agrees to locate them; those that counts more for Google are the following:

  • The Title label. - It is the title that appears in blue color when we looked for something.
  • The Description label. - It is the brief description, a pair of lines, that we see underneath the blue title. According to Google, the description must be very well-taken care of, and we must pay a great attention to him, since it is what can animate to the user to beat in our connection; they tell us that there the key words do not count for the positioning SEO, although are many discussions on the matter.
  • The H1 label. - It is a code HTML that indicates a holder within the page.
  • Labels H2, H3 and successive. - Codes HTML that indicate subtitles. It does not agree to abuse ours keywords; in these subtitles we can use synonymous or related terms.
  • The content. - Famous the content is the phrase €œis the King€. The rule of Google is to reach a minimum of 300 words in each article or page that we want to emphasize, and in that text also we included ours keywords.

Fulfilling these norms already we have enough guaranteed one of the factors that influence more in the positioning.