The importance of the text in the SEO of a webpage

To the robot of Google the text enchants to him. More than 300 words in a page they cause that or we acquire certain importance before the algorithms search, and if we wrote 600 or 1200 far better.

Once I read tweet that shelp: €œTocho of text in home works€, and is absolutely certain. To fill up the page of home with abundant text is very considered in the company Webs, although this takes to numerous discussions of aesthetic type: €œIt is that I do not like my page of home with as much text€, is what usually they say many clients when a Web is designed to them. The discussion always finishes with a phrase: €œWe have two options: to do what we like or what it likes the robot of Google, you choose€, which means to improve our positioning in the ranking or to go us to other positions of the second or third page of Google.

The solution is in which that amount of text does not seem tocho before our eyes, distributing it by several zones of the page, grouping it in several titles that also contribute to the SEO, that is to say, facilitating the vision to the user with several levels of reading, as it becomes in the written press (to somebody it bothers to him or it oppresses to see as much text to him when it opens a newspaper or it visits a digital newspaper). If the structure and the distribution of the elements are attractive, there is no problem.

Original text

Care, is not to fill up pages without rhyme or reason. First gold rule: all the text must entirely original, that is to say, be been born from our brain. The copy and beats is penalized by Google, and in this sense the robot is worse than the Civil Guard. If copies, you modify the text and soon you stick it, also pillage to you. If you write with misspelling or your content is not poor try to you either well. If you use synonymous and your language is rich you obtain prize in the SEO. If you create text with some mechanized system (nonhuman) low in the ranking.
Of all that one is in charge the Panda, one of the several algorithms that Google has. Here it is explained very well what is and how it works Panda.

On the copied content, it speaks very same Matt Cutts, one of the heads of department of Google.

Basically, it comes to us to say that a copied text is considered little excellent for the finder, since it exists in other Webs (and these will position better than ours).

The ideal page

Or a page of company or an article in a blog, this is the ideal structure in its content, in addition to enriching it with photos and videos:

€¢ To title (it labels h1) with the key words that interest to us.
€¢ Introductory text.
€¢ Subtitles (labels h2) with key words
€¢ Several paragraphs under those subtitles
€¢ Subtitles with labels h3 within h2, and more paragraphs.
€¢ At the most better text, and everything absolutely original and correctly written in its grammar and spelling.
€¢ To emphasize some words of the text in bold, but without abusing.

Attention: not only to fulfill these rules ensures the success in the positioning; hundreds of factors exist that influence in the SEO, but is certain that the quality and the structure of the content are one of the most powerful ingredients to reach the first positions in the finder.