Prices for a webpage

Your Web of company by 600 € yet what you need; without limit in the number of sections and design of logo if you need it.

All the connection with Google is included to position (location in Google Maps, statistics of Google Analytics, configuration of Google Search Console.).

Creation and design of a website

Price of webpages in Seville

Basic structure of company, with several sections:

As a example (there is no limit in number of sections and sub-sections):

  • Main home/Page
  • Who we are (with photographic gallery)
  • Services
  • Tariffs
  • Contact/location
  • Blog/the News

Price: 600 € (+IVA)

The advising is included SEO, internal optimization of the Web, labellings, creation of profiles in social networks and connection with them, management with Google Maps and previous design of all the graphical elements.

For special Webs with contained major and elements (ample portfolios, lie down online, etc.) to request budget in our section of contact.


Maintenance of social networks

Social networks, social average and community manager, maintenance of webpages

Minimum work to realise for the diffusion in social networks:
  • 3 publications to the week on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to pick up of new followers, to share publications of others and search of companies and organisms related to our sector.
  • 1 monthly video for Canal Youtube. The video creation of a head of presentation for all the videos is included, with animation of the logo and syntony.
  • 1 monthly article in the blog, with writing of the same and insertion of images, with the publication in the different social networks.
  • Semimonthly statistics of the traffic of the Web and the growth of followers in the social networks.

Monthly price: 300 € (+IVA)

For a greater presence in Internet, with a more frequent activity in the profiles, and campaigns on Facebook or Google Addwords, to request budget in our section of contact.


Work of optimization and SEO

Only for pages already realised in WordPress

Positioning SEO for the first positions in the ranking of GoogleIf you are not happy with your Web, if notes that are slow in their speed of load, if it does not appear in the ranking of Google in the first positions, if you want to change something in its design,… if you want, really, to improve enough what already you have, has us. We are going to improve that speed and to form your site so that the robot of Google tries to you far better and places you in the first positions of the ranking by the key words of your sector.

Price: from 200 € (+IVA)

All the advising in SEO and management of social networks is included. It requests budget in our section of contact.