Which is best hosting for your webpage

It is the question that makes many clients when they must lodge his Web somewhere: what company you recommend to contract me hosting? Soon other questions come: how much it will cost to me? Or what requirements must have hosting?

And the answer is clear: it depends on the type of Web that you want to mount, is not the same simple Web of company with a few fixed sections that a store online with 500 products.; normally, a company Web can have magnificent hosting by about 60 or 70 ‚¬ to the year, whereas 200 a more complex and enlarged project needs hosting about ‚¬ to the year.

We go by parts: the first requirements that each lodging offers, that must be based on our needs:

  • Capacity of the servant. - It is the hard disk of the servant, who can be of 1gb, 3 or 10. A simple Web has very well with 1gb.
  • Ram memory. - With 256 megas it is well, if they offer more then better.
  • Disc SSD. - It is the last technology, and it guarantees a greater speed to us in the access of data.
  • Certificate SSL. - It is a security certificate that will cause that our Web begins by https, preceded of a small green padlock. The majority of the companies is supplying it free, and is essential to give confidence to the client in a store online.
  • Service of backups. - Very important, a backup copy of the Web of periodic and automated form.
  • Monthly transference. - One is moderate in gigas and it will depend on if we are going to have much traffic in the Web; there are companies that offer the limitless traffic and others from 60 gb.
  • Technical support. - That offers several possibilities: by email, by telephone, chat or sending a consultation ticket, but that takes care of soon and effectively, if possible the 24 hours of the day.
  • Technology PHP. - It is what makes work the data base of a Web and turns it into something dynamic and interactive. We must be able to choose between the version 7 of PHP or previous versions as the 5.6.
  • MySQL. - It goes united to the PHP and it must have Well-taken care of version 5.5 at least because there are companies that have remained in version 5.4 and one lies down online with the new Woocommerce does not work, as it happens in Hostalia.
  • Period of guarantee. - Usually it is of 30 days, with complete return.

There are more technical factors, but we say that these are most important, and another thing: we throw a look to the finder of Google and the social networks, to see what says of that certain company to which we have phelp attention. Nowadays, the consumer has a weapon very valuable to choose a product: the article reviews written by experts and the valuations of the clients in the social networks. For example: if we looked for in Google 1&1 we will find many articles that indicate it as one of worse hostings (in addition, they closed his offices in Spain and they went to Germany). Another case is Facebook de Hostalia: in its profile, with about 600 followers, the valuation is of 1.4 and in the eyelash of Opinions there are demolishing commentaries of clients who have undergone a nightmare with one of the worse servers than we can find.

In the opposite case they are two companies that are praised in hundreds of articles and have magnificent valuations in their social networks: Webempresa and Siteground. In Miratuweb we have worked with these two (and we continued it doing); also we have had to remove to some client from Hostalia because its Web simply did not work.

In Google we can find numerous comparative analyses and of Webempresa and Siteground, and seems that the battle the Siteground desire in relation quality-price (his servant is faster, gigas of capacity in its cheaper option offers up to 10, and the price is much smaller than in Webempresa).

In summary: Siteground is possibly the best option, mainly if you are going to work with WordPress (they are specialistic in it, like Webempresa), and its economic option, €œStartUp€, it fulfills very well all the requirements that a webpage needs.