Google and WordPress are united in the improvement of the webpages

If WordPress were the managing used Web more in the design of webpages, from now on he will be the absolute King, thanks to a new alliance with Google.

For several years, many have indicated that WordPress was the great friend of the SEO, and therefore a good friend of Google. The manager of webpages more used in the world, along with the thousands of plugins that exist, always has considered the directives of Google to improve the positioning of a Web. Esteem that one third part of all the Webs that are realised in the world is designed with WordPress, and as manager of contents occupies 60% of the market share between different CMS (Content Manager System).

Now, that long friendship is confirmed absolutely with the professional union that both giants finish initiating. Google has contracted a computer science engineering equipment to analyze and to improve the WordPress platform especially, paying attention to the yield of the speed and the acceleration in mobiles.

In the last three years, Google has affected more and more the importance of the mobile, having announced even penalties in the ranking to those Webs that did not pass the test of optimization for mobiles; on the other hand, also it has begun to prioritize the blogs that have version AMP (Acelerated Mobile Pages), something that already is appraised in the results of Google when we looked for something from a mobile.

The past month of December, Google participated in the WordCamp U.S., the most important event that it is celebrated in the United States around development of WordPress. In this encounter, Google showed the speed problems that always have had WordPress (although everything has improved rather in the last years).

The objective of Google is to collaborate with the community of designers of WordPress, and to work closely with this company to create tools, groups and plugins that is very superiors to the present technology, in terms of yield and speed, that is to say, to take care of the optimization more and more SEO of a Web.

On the other hand, also it is spoken to apply the last technology in App for WordPress: the Progressive Web Apps, that offers new functions Web. All it makes think that in the future, WordPress not only will be the used standard more, but the absolute king in management and design Web. The support that has given to Google us to him indicates it clearly.

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