Frequent questions on the positioning SEO of a webpage

Frequent questions on the positioning SEO of a webpage

The questions are many that a client raises when contract the creation of a webpage, and this is brief a ready one of the main doubts exceeds what is the positioning SEO and on what it depends that our Web reaches a good place in the ranking of Google.

What is the SEO?
They are the abbreviations of Optimization Search Engine, translated to the Spanish as “optimization of the web search engine?.

What is SEM?
The same abbreviations that the previous thing, but finishing with the M of Marketing. One is to pay to Google so that our Web appears as an announcement in the first positions.

On what it depends to be between first of Google?
They are more than 200 factors. Most powerful: a good internal labelling, a good speed of load, much content, update of the Web, and connections from other Webs to our site. But the list does not finish there, continues with many elements to consider: the configuration of Google Search Console, configuration of sitemap, the traffic Web, the behavior of the user, the adaptation of the Web to all the devices, etc.

How long it takes in positioning a Web?
It depends on the competitiveness that exists in the sector. Normally between six and eight months. To reach front page of Google has been its time, and if the sector is too competitive (lawyers, insurances, real estate,…) we will need much work during those months.

It influences the name of the domain in the positioning?
Practically, nothing. The majority of the companies that they position well does not have their key words in the name of the domain.

It influences the quality of our servant?
By all means, it is what it will allow us to have a Web optimized with a good speed of load and that falls in the servant do not exist. On hostings more recommendable, to read here.

I must have a blog in my page of company?
Doubtlessly, he is one of the most important factors: to generate content and to update the Web facing the finder.

Exist does a guarantee of success to the 100% in a work of SEO?
Nobody can guarantee that percentage, since it depends on numerous factors that escape to our control, as the changes of algorithm of Google and the activity that realise the competing companies. A work of SEO consists of complying with the directives of Google, to give the robot which wishes and almost always to cross the fingers so that everything works.

If with himself to reach the first positions, I will remain there for always?
It depends than it makes the rest of competitors in your sector; it is difficult to fall once one is there, although agrees to be on the new features that Google from time to time announces on SEO.

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