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He is inevitable to count yet what offers the Google giant when we constructed a website, and are several things those that the king of the finders makes our available to improve the positioning of a webpage in the ranking of Google.

Most indispensable of all it is Google Search Console (formerly call Webmasters Tools). From we can here verify that we are the proprietors of the Web, to ask for the indexing of our site, to raise the map of the site (file sitemap) or to orient geographically our Web, that is to say, to indicate to him to Google that our site is in such country and that we love users of this territory. The sections of the Search Console are many, some as useful as to detect errors or to see how the robot is indexing to us and raking.

Also a world with many possibilities is everything the one that we found in Google Analytics. Here it is where we registered our site to implement the statistics of Google in our Web, with all class of data on the visitors of our page, among them some as excellent as the average time of permanence or the rate by ricochet (usuary that enters and leaves without sailing by the site).

As far as social networks, everybody thinks on Facebook, by its enormous popularity and all the possibilities that page offers for a “fan?, and by all means is necessary to be, but we cannot forget the social network Google, since thanks to her we can remarkably increase our position in the finder. Our Canal Youtube is another gift that gives Google us to be awarded in the ranking. To raise videos from time to time will give points us facing the robot.

On the other hand, our account of Gmail also takes to Google My Business, where we verified our company and we make it appear in Google Maps, something vitally important for the local positioning. In addition, from Google My Business posts or events can be published, or even create a very basic Web for a local business.

To sum up, which we created with Google is a complex network of elements that connect some with others to improve the SEO (Optimization Search Engine), and everything must be correctly formed; thus several points for a natural positioning gain. The other formula is SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which means to pay to the finder to appear in the first positions; for that Google Addwords exists, the platform with which Google receives by each visit realised in our Web (the call “payment by click?).

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