What Is Bruxism And How To Stop It

Bruxism is the habit of tightening the teeth unconsciously. Most people do not know that they grind their teeth, which can cause health problems.

One of the most common causes for people to tighten their teeth is stress, nerves, some fear, some treatments for this disease can be more psychological than medical, but when it is a problem that has already developed, then it is necessary to resort to your doctor, especially if it is dental. The patient’s teeth are already facing out for as long as they have been unconsciously or conscientiously tightening, so after stopping the action of stretching them, you can go with your dentist in Tijuana for orthodontic treatments.


The custom of tightening the teeth without any purpose, called bruxism, is beyond our control. Usually, people who suffer from it do not know it because they grind their teeth while they sleep and most of them discover it because another person says it or because they notice that their jaws hurt. It is caused by crooked teeth, incomplete teeth and, especially in our days, anxiety or stress.


This habit can cause many problems, from the breakage of the teeth or the total loss of some parts, to hearing problems or in the jaw; in most cases it requires surgery. To avoid reaching this point, it is best to consult the dentist and get a mouth guard to prevent bruxism at night.


Other ways to avoid grinding your teeth uncontrollably involve a change in habits. If during the day we tighten the teeth, we can try to prevent doing it by placing the tongue between the teeth. It is also important to stop eating chewing gum to learn that we should not chew if we are not eating. Avoiding some foods like alcohol, caffeinated drinks and chocolate also helps.