Things you have to know about bichectomy

Although, having profiled cheeks are achieved for two reasons: one is genetic and be endowed with perfect genes and another is a Bichectomy, techniques to achieve highlighting the cheekbones and a more profiled face, but What is Bichectomy? Before doing this kind of operation you have to put your priorities in order, if there is something more urgent at the moment, like you need dental implants Tijuana.

It is a minimally invasive aesthetic technique, in which bichat bags are extracted, or in more common words the fat that accumulate on the cheeks and consists of making two small cuts of one centimeter inside the mouth, one of each side, at the height of the intermediate part between the molars, from where the bags of fat are extracted, with the aim of profiling the facial oval with permanent results, since the eliminated fat does not reproduce again.

The duration of the operation is less than one hour, it is done under local anesthesia and you can immediately resume the routine of the day, you should only follow a soft diet for a week and wait for the face to deflate to see the results, it is a well defined and profiled face.

For those who are interested in performing a bichectomy, the specialist shares with the readers 5 data so they know more about the procedure.

1. What exactly is bichectomy?

It is an aesthetic procedure to reduce the excess of fat in the cheeks that normally accumulates in a part of the body known as the Bichat fat ball. This ball is located under the cheekbones, it gives support and structure to the face, and depending on its size can give a round face appearance with ill-defined angles or more elongated and stylized.

2. How is the procedure performed?

Saavedra explains that it is an outpatient procedure. It is done under local anesthesia and the access is through the mucosa of the cheek. A small incision is made, less than one centimeter, and the Bichat balls are removed.
The procedure can last 30 to 40 minutes.

3. Fit people

All people who have completed their stage of development can access the treatment. The specialist ensures that before the intervention, basic laboratory tests should be requested to rule out active infections, diabetes and chronic diseases that may affect the procedure.
In the same way, the patient must have good coagulation times and this procedure must be done by a healthy person.

4. Unfit people

We did not perform the procedure in young people who did not complete their development process. From 17 and 18 years.

5. Elderly people

In patients with cutaneous flaccidness in the cheeks it is necessary to evaluate if a face lift is necessary, a facial rejuvenation procedure that allows to recover the firmness and cutaneous tone of the face and neck, complementary to the bichectomy to avoid greater flaccidity in the area .
After the evaluation of each area of ??the face, filling can be done with the fat cells that the stem cells provide and which are very useful for the maintenance of facial rejuvenation.