Questions you should ask before an surgical

Among the medical procedures that most instill fear or anxiety are operations. Beyond if they are aesthetic or for health reasons, a surgery is a topic that should always be informed before and after it is carried out. Always the most qualified person to answer your questions will be Dr. JL Prado Surgical Center in Tijuana the doctor who are you going to operate you.

Surgery is part of medicine and aims to cure diseases through interventions or operations.

Do you prefer to stay with the doubt?

Here five questions you should ask before any surgery:

1. What is the recommended operation? Your doctor should clearly explain the surgical procedure, the steps to follow and provide illustrative examples.

2. Why is the procedure necessary? The reasons for having surgery can vary from alleviating or preventing pain to diagnosing a problem, to even improving the body’s function.

3. What are my alternatives to this procedure? In some cases, drug or non-surgical treatments, such as making lifestyle changes, can be as helpful in improving a condition as surgery is.

4. What are the risks and possible complications when performing the operation? Surgery always involves some risks, so before the intervention it is important to weigh the benefits against the risks. Ask your doctor to give you a general idea of possible complications such as infection and bleeding, and possible side effects that may occur after the procedure.

5. What happens if you do not operate? If after weighing the benefits and risks of the surgery, you decide not to operate, what will happen? You need to know if the condition will get worse or if there is a possibility that you can solve it on its own.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure it is necessary that you have full communication with your doctor. Remember, the best thing in these cases is to be always informed.