Dental problems of children during the summer

Summer comes and with it begins a particularly sensitive time for the teeth of the smallest. The increase in cold and carbonated beverages, the high consumption of sugars and relaxation in hygiene habits are the main reasons for the deterioration of their oral health.

The dentists of New Age Dental Clinic Tijuana tell us the possible consequences of repeating these bad habits in a prolonged way throughout the summer.

Tooth sensitivity
The summer season is the great enemy of dental sensitivity in children due to the great contrasts in temperature that occur when taking very cold foods and beverages, to which is added the increase in consumption of carbonated drinks and its effect on enamel . The main consequence of this is the appearance of an intense and painful sensation in the teeth that can prevent normal eating. To deal with dental sensitivity, it is recommended to pay special attention to brushing, to use a toothpaste especially designed for sensitive teeth, to avoid the great contrasts of temperature in food and the abuse of carbonated and very acidic beverages.

Increased bacterial plaque
The change of schedules and habits during the holidays has an impact when it comes to following dental hygiene habits. As a consequence, it increases the risk of bacterial plaque accumulation that can worsen gingival health. In addition, chlorine from swimming pools is also a factor that can favor the increase of plaque and tartar when exposed to it for many hours a week. However, it is essential to remind the youngest children that brushing is essential, especially before going to bed. The two golden rules: a minimum of 2 minutes and mouthwash.

Increased cavities
Caries does not rest on holidays, but oral hygiene habits do, especially in children. This relaxation in brushing, coupled with the abuse of sugary foods and soft drinks, directly translates into an increased risk of tooth decay. To avoid this, we must accustom the little ones to always carry a brush in their backpacks to take care of their dental hygiene after each meal, which should be balanced and contain vitamins that favor our teeth, such as vitamin C.

Dental injuries
Finally, we can not forget that traumatisms double during the summer due to the rhythm of life of the youngest children. Sometimes we can not avoid them, but we can act against them by checking if the tooth is correctly and going immediately to the dentist, especially if the tooth has fallen completely. If we have been able to recover it, whether it is just a piece or the whole tooth, it is possible that it could be reimplanted in the child’s mouth.